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Sociology of Science Articles

“The Science Wars and the Ethics of Book Reviewing”   Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 30 (2000): 445-50.                Access PDF File (Requires Acrobat Reader) 

“Argument and 17th Century Science: A Rhetorical Analysis with Sociological Implications” Social Studies of Science, 30 (2000): 371-96.  With Joseph Harmon and Michael Reidy.  Access PDF File   (Requires Acrobat Reader

)“Do Priority Conflicts Tell Us Anything About Science?” Science in Context, 11 (1998): 161-179.

“The Roles of Rhetoric in the Public Understanding of Science.” Public Understanding of Science, 3 (1994): 3-23.                    Access   PDF File (Requires Acrobat Reader)

“Is a Rhetoric of Science Policy Possible?” Social Epistemology, 8 (1994):  273-280. 

“The Battle Over Sociobiology.” Social Epistemology, 6 (1992): 165-74.








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