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Design U is a non-profit student led product design group at the University of Minnesota. We take on a number of large projects during the year, but we are also looking for smaller projects that can be completed by individual students, This is why we have created Design U contracting.


Research + Strategy

The Design U Research + Strategy Group is devoted to working directly with users to generate products and systems to more effectively solve problems. The Research and Strategy Group offers user verification studies, benchmarking reports and idea generation for our clients.


New to Design U this year, we are launching a digital design and development department. It is our goal to integrate design thinking into the development of web and mobile applications. The digital design department will work closely with clients to create wireframes, app aesthetics, and overall exceptional user experience


Our Prototyping division provides CAD renderings, visual brand language reports, and functional models to our clients to create exceptional products and product experiences.

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